Virtual Bookkeeping & Clean-up Services

Care Bookkeeping Services

Invest your time and efforts on running your business. Leave the bookkeeping to me.

How Can I Help

Are you an entrepreneur just starting your business and looking to get off on the right foot with your bookkeeping? Maybe you’re an established business, but you’ve reached a point where you can make more money chasing deals instead of being tied to your accounting software. Perhaps you’re just tired of data entry. Whatever your reason for hiring a virtual bookkeeper, I want to offer my services to help you.

What I do


Virtual Bookkeeping Services

Anything related to QuickBooks:

  • Accounts receivable and bills payable transactions¬†
  • Month-end: asset depreciation, accruals, estimated expenses, current portion on long term debt, etc.
  • Monthly Zoom meeting to review financial statements & track goals
  • Day-to-day QuickBooks help
  • Assisted Payroll – optional
  • Track Inventory – optional¬†
  • QuickBooks consulting (more complex projects)

Clean-up Services

  • Catching up on old transactions
  • Cleanup accounts
  • Setting up new books
  • Meeting with your accountant – if necessary
  • Migration from other accounting software
  • Correcting problems in QuickBooks
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Accurate Record Keeping

More Free time

understandable reports

stress-Free Tax season


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